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Learn about Milo and all of it’s financial solutions.

By Josip Rupena10/29/2020

Hello Milo – A Digital Bank to Drive Global Inclusion

Two years ago, Milo was born. Our premise was – and still is – simple. We want to empower global consumers every...

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By Milo06/03/2021

Important Expenses to Consider when Buying Real Estate in the US

Besides the purchasing price, there are other expenses that come along with buying a U.S. investment property. I...

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Como comprar una propiedad en Estados Unidos como extranjero
By Milo05/11/2021

How to Buy an Investment Property in the US: From A to Z

We know — you are probably feeling hopeless about buying a U.S. investment property as an international buyer. A...

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By Milo05/06/2021

Complete Guide: Documents International Clients Need to Get a Mortgage in the US

If you’re an international client that is looking to purchase an investment property in the United States, it’s ...

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International clients
By Milo04/21/2021

Financial Advisors: Increase Your International AUM with Milo’s Direct Home Lending

The best financial advisors know when to find better solutions through innovation.  Financial advisors are the t...

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Real Estate International Buyers
By Milo04/15/2021

Realtors: Help Your International Buyer Close with a US Mortgage

How many times have your transactions been stopped midway due to funding issues? We know it’s probably man...

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International buyers
By Milo04/06/2021

5 Attractive US Housing Markets International Buyers Should Have on Their Radar

We all know that real estate investments are all about location. The market you choose to pursue makes an immens...

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Home Loans in the US for Foreigners
By Milo04/01/2021

Get the Cash You Need: Cash-out Refinance Loans in the US for Foreign Nationals

We probably don’t need to write out the reasons why you’d want – or need – to free up so...

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