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International clients
By Milo • 04/21/2021

Financial Advisors: Increase Your International AUM with Milo’s Direct Home Lending

The best financial advisors know when to find better solutions thro...

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Real Estate International Buyers
By Milo • 04/15/2021

Realtors: Help Your International Buyer Close with a US Mortgage

How many times have your transactions been stopped midway due to fu...

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International buyers
By Milo • 04/06/2021

5 Attractive US Housing Markets International Buyers Should Have on Their Radar

We all know that real estate investments are all about location. Th...

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Home Loans in the US for Foreigners
By Milo • 04/01/2021

Get the Cash You Need: Cash-out Refinance Loans in the US for Foreign Nationals

We probably don’t need to write out the reasons why you’...

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Home Renovation
By Milo • 12/03/2020

Home Equity Refinance Loans Unlock Great Opportunities

With the spread of COVID-19, we’ve seemed to enter uncharted territ...

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By Milo • 11/13/2020

Why did Milo Start with US Home Loans?

Home loans have come a long way. Interest rates are at all-time low...

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