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Pre-Approval Letter in the U.S for Foreigners
By Milo • 07/22/2021

Do International Buyers Need a Pre-Approval Letter in the US?

Having a pre-approval letter is not technically a necessity, as it ...

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Prestamos hipotecarios en USA para extranjeros
By Milo • 07/15/2021

Florida Remains a Top Destination for Foreign Real Estate Buyers

Florida has been the favorite U.S. market for foreign real estate i...

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By Milo • 06/25/2021

Mortgage over Cash, the smart choice to property purchases: here’s why

Paying in cash has become the go-to solution for international clie...

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By Milo • 06/03/2021

Important Expenses to Consider when Buying Real Estate in the US

Besides the purchasing price, there are other expenses that come al...

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Como comprar una propiedad en Estados Unidos como extranjero
By Milo • 05/11/2021

How to Buy an Investment Property in the US: From A to Z

We know — you are probably feeling hopeless about buying a U.S. inv...

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By Milo • 05/06/2021

Complete Guide: Documents International Clients Need to Get a Mortgage in the US

If you’re an international client that is looking to purchase an in...

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